Liberty's Bode wins Ravens' QB Challenge in a tiebreaker

The Baltimore Sun

Things didn't go as well as Liberty quarterback Austin Bode would have liked Saturday night when his Lions fell behind Westminster 35-0 and ended up losing 35-14.

Bode completed 13 of 19 passes for 135 yards, but he didn't score a touchdown, while Owls quarterback Duke Etchison was 17-for-21 for 292 yards and three touchdowns.

Bode, however, came back to get the best of his second showdown with Etchison on Sunday afternoon in the Ravens' High School Quarterback Challenge at halftime of the Ravens-Packers game at M&T Bank Stadium.

In a tie-breaking long toss, Bode threw 46 yards while Etchison threw 40 yards.

Both quarterbacks started out aiming for drop-in nets set at the 15, 30 and 45-yard lines. Each had three passes to the nets of their choice, but both missed all three. Bode tried for the 45-yard net twice and the 3- yard net once. Etchison attempted one of each.

As a result, the long toss decided the winner.

This was the first time the QB Challenge measured accuracy. In the past, it had always been a long-toss competition. The previous challenges had the quarterbacks throwing to two teammates, with the longest completed pass winning.

The next QB Challenge, Nov. 10 between the quarterbacks from Huntingtown and Patuxent, will feature the drop-in nets. Then, the competition will switch back to the long toss to receivers for two weeks before finishing out with the accuracy test in the final two Ravens' home games.

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