Guest blogger: Broadneck linebacker Randy Fischer

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Linebacker Randy Fischer has been a key component in making No. 6 Broadneck’s defense one of the stingiest in Baltimore-area high school football this year. Since falling to No. 3 Old Mill, 35-21 in the season opener, the Bruins have given up 64 points in seven games and are in second place in the Class 4A East regional standings behind the Patriots.

Fischer, a 6-foot-2, 215-pound senior, is a third-year starter and a team captain. He led the team in tackles as a sophomore (97) and a junior (95) and is on pace for more than 100 tackles this season. He has 77 so far, including 16 for a loss. He also has 3.5 sacks and an interception.

Here’s what he wrote about what has gone into the Bruins’ successful season as they head into Friday night’s critical game at No. 4 Meade, which is just below them in third place in the 4A East region.

-- Katherine Dunn

Seven and three last year was good, not great. Our season ended in a disappointing loss to Meade, and it left all of us pretty upset. In the offseason, we started workouts earlier and hit the weights harder. Our intense superset circuits really prepared us for the season and our challenging but successful seven on seven season helped us learn our new offensive scheme quicker. Tryouts were fast and intense; it was definitely challenging. With a rigorous offseason, we felt prepared for the season.

Week one was a loss. Old Mill came out and was not ready for our newly developed speed and physicality; we came out with a 14-0 lead. After that we took our foot off the pedal a little bit and that came back to haunt us. Old Mill got back in the game and ended up beating us, that has been in the back of our minds ever since.

After week one, we have averaged about 35 points a game with our defense only letting up about 10 points. We have been relentless and unforgiving, resulting in a 7-1 season so far. Week one humbled us and gave us a sense of urgency that has allowed our offense to click and put up points quick and often. Very few games have been close, many have been blowouts. We now have the killer instinct to take on teams of a higher caliber and compete with them. We’re like a snowball at the top of the mountain, and the avalanche is coming.

We wouldn’t have this awesome season so far without the leadership from our excellent coaching staff. With our head coach, Coach (Rob) Harris, developing our new offense and calling the plays, and our defensive coordinator, Coach (Jason) Wohlfarth, creating new defensive schemes. We have been very well prepared for each and every game. Our coaches have put in more work than ever before, and we see that. It gives us inspiration to see how much they work and how much they care.

We’re optimistic for the rest of the season with perfection as the highest goal. Also, this year more than ever, our team chemistry is at an all time high. We all have each other’s back, and it shows with our passion on the field. We all are finally seeing the suffering in the off-season is paying off in the regular season. With the great work ethic the team is showing, we believe that this team will be one to remember.

-- Randy Fischer

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