Glenelg Country wins MIAA B conference cross country title

For The Baltimore Sun

Glenelg Country won the MIAA cross country B Conference team title on Wednesday. The Dragons finished with 240 points, edging out Boys' Latin (248).

Joey Pickens (10th) of Glenelg Country was the highest B Conference finisher overall.

"[Boys' Latin is] a strong team, and we were fortunate to win," said GCS coach Scott Doughty. "This team bought in completely to our training plan and remained unusually focused throughout the year."

The Glenelg Country victory in this race left both teams with a 12-1 record this season. Because Wednesday's race is the conference tie-breaker, Glenelg Country is the B Conference champion.

B Conference

1. Glenelg Country School, 240; 2. Boys' Latin, 248; 3. Indian Creek, 362; 4. Park, 382; 5. Baltimore Lutheran, 396.

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