Calvert Hall's 1963 championship baseball team gets golden jackets

The Baltimore Sun

It took 51 years for Dan Murray to receive his golden jacket for winning the 1963 baseball championship with Calvert Hall, and he knows what he'll do with it now.

"Probably encase it," Murray, 69, said with a chuckle.

Murray, the starting pitcher in that championship game, said budget constraints or a simple oversight prevented the Cardinals receiving their jackets that season.

It is a tradition at Calvert Hall for every member of a varsity championship team to receive a gold jacket. Individual champions — such as wrestlers or track and field participants — also qualify for jackets.

Once the issue was brought to the attention of current staff at Calvert Hall, baseball coach Lou Eckerl "put the wheels in motion" for 12 members of the '63 champs to receive their jackets. Murray said some members of that team were deceased and others couldn't be tracked down.

Those who were found received their jackets during a ceremony prior to a baseball game on April 25. Though Murray now lives in North Carolina, many remain in the Baltimore area.

"Now, we’re meeting every two months. We get together and go to this tavern or that restaurant," Murray said, adding those occasions might be the only times when he breaks out his new garment.

"Outside of that, I’ll protect it pretty well," he said.

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