No. 3: Alyssa Parker tops 100 goals, 100 assists (13% of the vote)

Alyssa Parker said she tried to avoid all the talk about her milestones, but it was hard for anybody in the field hockey community to ignore them. In October the Glenelg senior became just the second player in national federation history to surpass 100 goals and 100 assists for a career. She finished the season with 37 goals and 36 assists, led the Gladiators to a second straight Class 2A state championship, and she repeated as All-Metro Field Hockey Player of the Year. "She's a natural," Glenelg coach Ginger Kincaid said. "She's Alyssa. She has some athletic cunning that can't be copied. She makes things happen. She turns something into nothing. It's nothing I can coach. And it's nothing she practices. It's just the things she does."
Doug Kapustin, Baltimore Sun
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