Carroll Varsity Q&A: SC's Jake MacKenzie

What was the feeling like of winning your second county championship and what did it mean to you?

"It's awesome to win it. Not many people get to win that much. But I have bigger things I want to do. What people judge you on in future is you have won the state and not the county."

What challenges did you have moving up three weight classes from 132 pounds to 152 this season?

"The guys are lot bigger and a lot stronger. I went up those weights because I was working out with a local trainer and I gained a lot of muscle weight."

What your most memorable moment of your career?

"Probably placing fourth at states [last year], but I hope to surpass that this year."

How did you get started in wrestling and how long have you done it?

"I started in seventh grade. ... My dad was, like, pressuring me to do it earlier."

What do you to relax after a match?

"I watch my other teammates win. I go home and take a shower."

What are your plans for college?

"I am going to Howard Community College and play lacrosse."

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