Are you a Ravens fan?

Yeah, I love the Ravens.

Do you have a favorite NFL player?

I like Ray Lewis a lot. He brings his passion to football every single week. He gets the troops going. He's the mentor, motivator. He makes everybody want to go out there and play football.

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Are you a rah, rah guy with your team?

Yeah. On game day, I try to get them pumped up and everything. Even when I'm not on the field, I try to cheer the defense on. I try to get them fired up. I want everybody to have the same passion for it as me.

Are you superstitious?

Well, kinda (laughs). I guess you could say that. Every game day, I always bring my red sweat pants. The team gets on me for wearing them all the time on game day, but it brings us good luck. Ever since I've been wearing them, we've been winning and the times that I didn't wear them, we lost.

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?

Spending time with family. I'm an only child. I have a lot of cousins. They're basically like my brothers and sisters. I go over their houses and I have a lot of fun with them all the time, joking around.

What's the one food you could eat all day?

The one food I could eat all the time is ham. I love my ham. That's the best food. I eat a lot of stuffing with it and turkey, so you know I was definitely pigging out this Thanksgiving. Hopefully, I didn't gain too much weight.

Do the coaches talk to you about that before Thanksgiving?

Yeah. We had a game the day after so we couldn't eat too much and go out there and be sluggish (laughs).

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