¿¿After the big win last week, how do you stay focused for this week’s Homecoming game with all the Spirit Week festivities and the possibility of a letdown after the Arundel win?

I would say motivation. Even though we had a great game against Arundel, coach tells us to stay focused because we’ve got plenty more games to go, so we’ve got to take it one game at a time. I would also say that Spirit Week is exciting. You’ve got the dance. It makes us want to play even harder. It’s a fun week for us. We can go out there, have fun, play some football, be hyped.

How has your role changed now that you’re a senior and the younger guys look up to you?

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I have to be a role model. I have to show them the ways, the style and the right things to do. Also with grades -- I tell them that grades play a big part, because coming in, you have to maintain GPA. I tell them you’ve got to stay focused. On the football field, I correct what they’re doing wrong and tell them the right things so they can get better and learn from me. When I was younger, that’s what the older kids did for me, so I want to give back and help them out, because that helped me get to where I am now.

Is there anybody whom you really looked up to that you modeled your game on?

I would say two people that came from Old Mill: Ryan Callahan and Josh Furman. I was on the [state] championship team behind Josh two years ago. I was a younger kid. I was behind Josh and Jason Clements. They also made me better because I looked up to them as great running backs and I also wanted to keep the tradition going at Old Mill with great running backs. I wanted to play a big part here.

How does having played on the state championship team motivate you now?

I know what it feels like, and it motivates me because I want to get back there and give the other kids that feeling that I felt. I played a big part in that game. I got a first down for us when we needed it, and I forced a fumble. I got some real good experience.

What do you do in your spare time?

I watch YouTube videos. I like to watch other teams play, see how they are and how to beat them. I also study film a lot. I like to identify my opponent for next week, find their weaknesses, find their strong spots. I like to look at things like that that help prepare me for my upcoming week.

How did you get so involved in film study?

I got into that because I know that’s what they do in college, so I might as well start now when I get a chance to. I do a little extra.

Do you watch all kinds of football YouTube videos?

I watch teams around the area, see who matches up with the best talent and I watch professionals, because I also admire Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans) and before Jahvid Best (Detroit Lions) went to the pros, he played at Cal. I also admire him, because I like his running style.

What do you like about the styles of those guys and do you try to bring more of that to your game?

There's just something about their style. It's a quick finesse, smooth, fast bursts, cutting sideline to sideline, straight forward. There's a lot of different things about their running style. I pick up something different every time I see them.

What’s your personal goal for this season?

My goal is to do everything that I can for my team. Also, I want to make it to the championships level. And I kind of like records. I want to break records. That’s also motivation to work hard.