It's a great advantage knowing all the rules. Plus, helping out little kids and you make money too. It's fun and you make good money.

What age group do you ref?

I've done all age groups at Gamber, but this year I'm head referee at Mini-pony, which is 6- and 7-year olds. It's laid back, because they're still learning, so I don't need to call everything I see. I could call a penalty on every play, but that's not going to go anywhere. It's judgement, helping them learn the game.

Do you have a nickname?

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Flash. For my lucky [Superhero] underwear. Not including the forfeit, I'm undefeated every time I wear the underwear.

So you are superstitious?

Yes. It started last year. I wore them for the [season-opening] Tuscarora game, realized they were the most uncomfortable things I've ever worn in my life. Then we lost to Urbana, so I put them on for the Linganore game. Won that game. Undefeated since.

What are you looking for in a college as far as an academic and athletic fit?

Academics come first. Any college that comes to me and they don't have my major, I would rule them out, because I am not going to play football in the NFL. It's just not realistic. I'd play the best I could, but your education sticks with you your entire life. And if I made it to the NFL, that would be great (laughs).

What's the most challenging class you're taking this semester?

AP Calculus is pretty challenging. I also go to the Tech Center for engineering, which is completely different than normal classwork. It's a lot or projects, hands-on. It's a lot of fun. I love it. I don't mind school at all. Some people hate it. I enjoy it.

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