Yes. We are.

Does he push you to be a better golfer?

Yeah. I think it's nice because you always have someone to play with. He is, I guess, a little bit better than me (laughs). He'll be happy to hear that. I think he has more of a range of shots, so I see what he does and take that into account. He also hits it farther.

Do you play much, the two of you?

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Yes, we always play together. We play about every weekend. In the summer time, it's every day — not necessarily together but a lot of times.

Do you enjoy those best-ball matches you play with Lyndsey during the regular season?

Yes. Everything's not relying on you. You have a partner, so if you mess up a hole they will hopefully do well on it.

What's something most people don't know about you?

I'm left-handed in golf, but I'm dominantly right-handed. I play lacrosse left-handed and I swing a bat left-handed, too, but everything else I do right-handed. My brother Davis is the same way.

What's the biggest challenge for a left-handed golfer?

Finding golf clubs in a good variety. You have fewer options. (At the driving range) you have to be aware of everyone else. That's why you just go to the end. It depends on how close the spaces are, but you could end up hitting them or banging clubs.

What moment of your golf career would you most like to live over again?

Over spring break, I was playing in a women's tournament where six holes were scramble, six holes were best ball and six holes were stroke play and I was with a partner. I could not miss a ball. I hit the ball perfectly each time and I kept thinking, "Why can't I play like this in a tournament?"

What's the best thing about being a triplet?

You're never alone.

What about being the only girl in a set of triplets?

Actually, it's probably a good thing. You don't have to share anything like clothes (laughs) and you're not compared as much.

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