Do you do a lot of lifting?

Not weight lifting, but I do a lot of things where you use your own body weight for resistance, like push ups and pull ups. It's just a lot of practice and muscle memory involved.

When you start down the runway, what are you thinking about?

I count my steps as I'm running down the runway, so that helps me focus. Then I know once I get to two, that's when I have to shift, and then once I shift for my plant, it's all muscle memory from there. As I run down the runway, I just think I have to run faster and get ready for the jump.

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Do you get coaching outside of school?

I go to VaultWorX in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. It's near Harrisburg. I try to go there twice a week, but I get there at least once a week.

What do you there?

Before a meet, we'll practice with a bar. If there's no meet coming up, we'll do a lot of bungee. My coach usually videotapes us, and he'll watch the video and see where there are frames we have to work on. That helps a lot when you can see yourself.

How often do you vault in practice during indoor season with Westminster?

We don't do it at all, because at our school, we really don't have any poles here that I can use.

What's the difference between vaulting indoors and outdoors? They always go higher outdoors.

I like vaulting indoors better, because you don't have to worry about the sun being in your eyes, or the wind pushing your pole around. People might jump higher in outdoors because you've had indoors to prep yourself for it, so then when outdoor comes around, you have a better chance of getting a PR because you've had that previous season.

Do you go to meets in the summer?

There were a couple. I went to Beach Vault at the Jersey Shore. We actually got to vault on the beach, and that was a lot of fun. I went to pole vault camp at Virginia Tech, but it wasn't associated with the college. I want to go back to both of them this year, and I'm hoping I'll make outdoor nationals. That's usually the beginning of June.