"We've got three weeks of incredibly hard games," Turnbaugh said, "and with the city teams playing the schedule they do, even if we run the table in [Baltimore County's] 2A league, I don't know if 7-3 would get us in."


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Varsity fall preview

Tuesday: Boys and girls cross country

Wednesday: Field hockey, volleyball

Thursday: Boys and girls soccer

Local teams switching regions

School Old region New region
Annapolis 3A East 4A East
City 3A North 3A East
Digital Harbor 3A North 3A East
Douglass 2A North 1A South
Dunbar 1A South 2A North
Dundalk 2A North 3A North
Eastern Tech 3A North 2A North
Edgewood 2A East 3A North
Edmondson 2A North 1A South
FAET* 1A North
Glenelg 2A South 3A East
Hammond 3A East 2A South
Hereford 3A North 2A North
Howard 3A East 4A North
Joppatowne 2A East 1A East
Lake Clifton 2A North 1A South
Long Reach 2A South 3A East
Manchester Valley 1A North 1A West
New Era* 1A South
North Carroll 1A North 1A West
Northeast 3A East 3A South
Northwestern 1A North 1A South
Overlea 1A North 2A North
Patterson 3A North 2A North
Poly 4A North 3A East
Reginald F. Lewis 1A North 1A South
Western Tech 1A North 2A North
Westminster 4A North 3A North

* Didn't have a football team last year