Baseball: Coach of the Year

Bryan Harman


The 22-year veteran coach has spent the past 10 years at Westminster prodding and motivating kids to play better baseball and to get more out of it than just the fun of playing. "My goals when I started were twofold: to input baseball knowledge and teach life lessons. It never changed," Harman said. "You still want to teach kids how to play the right way and you want them to take away things for adulthood — character, leadership and teamwork skills."

Harman, 51, combined those skills this season to develop the Owls' baseball team into a perfect unit. Westminster went 23-0, becoming only the 11th team in the history of Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association record-keeping to complete an undefeated season. Adding to the accomplishment is the fact that Harman is retiring. After compiling a record of 160-55, two state championships (this one and in 2007), he is wrapping it up.

Asked for his assessment of what he did to turn his team into one of perfection, Harman first noted that he was blessed with a group of players who were very close, had good chemistry and bought into everything he and assistant coach Guy Stull told them. "I hope I was a mentor and that I provided structure," he said. "I am a detailed person right down to the minutes we spend on the field. Practice might not have always been the most enjoyable thing we did, but I'd hope the discipline and communication part had an impact."

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