Wrestling: Player of the Year

Frank Goodwin Arundel, senior, 130 pounds

The senior took his Maryland Independent Schools state title and his reputation to Arundel from Mount St. Joseph this season and set about quietly impressing the public school wrestling community.

"He was every bit as talented as he was said to be," Wildcats coach Jim Rubush said. "He's accomplished; very, very smooth; very talented; and a definite Division I prospect - that's not always a given. He's going to the University of Maryland, which I think is currently ranked No. 7 in the country, and has an opportunity to start as a freshman next year."

While Rubush liked the fact that Goodwin brought his winning ways to the Anne Arundel County program - Goodwin went 37-1; captured his second state title, this one in the 4A-3A public school class; and finished his career 169-17 - what he liked more was Goodwin's personality.

Though he is ranked in the top five nationally (Amateur Wrestling News ranks him No. 4), has recorded 102 pins in his 169 wins and, as Rubush said, "showed himself to be at a different level from 99 percent of the wrestlers in the state of Maryland," he also proved to be fairly modest.

"He's a pretty normal kid," Rubush said. "He's a very smooth, technically sound wrestler who is always in position and makes what he does seem almost effortless. But he's not a super-intense kid. He's not what you might expect. He doesn't have an air about him. He does his job and has a quiet confidence. He's well-liked and very popular. He doesn't volunteer suggestions to other wrestlers, either. He waits to be asked for help. He's very good in the [practice] room."

Frank Goodwin

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