Field Hockey Coach of the Year: Ginger Kincaid, Glenelg

The Baltimore Sun

Ginger Kincaid


It took 34 years of coaching for Kincaid to raise a championship trophy at Glenelg. But once she got that first one, there has been no stopping her.

Kincaid coached the Gladiators to a third straight Class 2A state championship and a 17-1 record this season. They finished 18-1 and 19-1 during the past two championship seasons, respectively.

This season, Kincaid had one of her best coaching performances, finding a way to absorb the losses of two-time All-Metro Player of the Year Alyssa Parker (114 goals, 108 assists in her career) and team captain Mary Kate Olson, who both graduated in the spring.

After two titles with Parker and Olson, Kincaid faced substantial lineup changes this year in order to win another championship.

"It seems very crazy," Kincaid said. "All the years I've been coaching and then to win three in a row? I've often contended the stars have to be in line just to win one. And there are so many great coaches who never even get the chance to go for one."

Kincaid spent much of the summer figuring out what system to use before settling on a 1-3-2-1 alignment. The system layered the Gladiators' attack, allowing midfielders Morgan Philie and Emily Russo to each play on a line by themselves and play to their strengths, offensively and defensively, respectively.

"It was a whole new system," Kincaid said. "And the kids all knew they were all responsible for scoring [and they scored 117 goals in 18 games]. I've always been big on having scoring come from everywhere."

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