Transcript of Friday's conference call with Miami Dolphins second-round draft pick Daniel Thomas:

On how does it feel to be drafted:
"It feels great (I mean) I don't really have too many words because I'm so overwhelmed right now."

On who did he talk to on the phone when he got the word that the Dolphins picked him:
"Coach Tony Sparano, I talked to the General Manager…everybody, I'm just so excited."

On how did that conversation go (follow up question):
"It was on if I was ready to be a Dolphin, and ready to come in and compete and how I was just ready to go."

On when he saw that the trade was made and if he had any inkling that the Dolphins were trading up to get him:
"No, I didn't at all. I wasn't sure what was going on. I was just patiently waiting."

On how does it make him feel that the Dolphins traded specifically to get him:
"It just makes me want to go out there and do the best I can and show them that they didn't make a mistake on trading up to get me."

On what kind of a running back he is:
"I'm a physical back. I feel like I'm an every down player. I can catch the ball in the backfield. I can run between the tackles (you know) and go outside whatever they need me to do. So, that's just how I feel about myself."

On his contact with the Dolphins prior to today at the combine and other teams and how went:
"Yeah, I took advantage of it a few weeks ago and I feel like it went pretty good and I was able to read all of the coaches and everything, so…they got a great grasp on me when I went there."

On how would he describe his college career (referencing him committing to Florida and then having to go through the Junior College route and what happened):
"(I mean) I feel like I had a very productive career. I was very durable and everything, I didn't miss a game and I had a lot of carries and everything. I was able to just go out there and just compete on every down. I rarely came off the field. I just thought that I could go out there and be an every down player I think."

On where is Hilliard, Florida and if that's where he's at now:
"It's north of Jacksonville….close to Georgia. I'm in New York right now."