When Michelle Harris, the Bulls' director of entertainment, has the floor, she means business.

"Buckle up and be ready," Harris told the 225 estimated women who came to the United Center on Saturday in hopes of becoming a member of the Luvabulls.

They hail from different backgrounds—teacher, account executive and personal trainer, to name a few. But they all have one goal: to land one of the 20 open spots on the Bulls' dance team, which is in its 35th season. The first rounds of cuts were made this weekend, and the squad will be finalized later this week.

Those who make the team can expect an amped-up version of the Luvabulls.

"We're upping the ante," Harris said. said. "Creating more costumes. We're getting new choreography. Were taking the Luvabulls to the next level."

During auditions, RedEye talked to hopefuls about which Bulls player they'd want on their team, who in the NBA annoys them and advice for D-Rose.


Which Bulls player would make a great Luvabull?

"[Joakim] Noah, because he can flick it. He can work the hair."

—Mary Wright, 24, Roseland

"Carlos Boozer. He has a lot of energy for the game. He's very passionate about the game. To be a Luvabull, you have to have those characteristics."

—Kennefia Boyle, 25, West Side

"Noah. His long, luscious locks of hair."

—Krystina Segura, 23, Riverside

"Joakim Noah. He seems like he has a good personality and he has a sense of humor."

—Aris Brown, 25, North Kenwood


Who's the most annoying player in the NBA?

"I would say Kris Humphries. His face is annoying. I don't know why he is in the NBA."

—Pura Sugaduga, 22, Park Ridge