Here it is, the long awaited RedEye exclusive interview with Coach Q's Mustache (@coachqsmustache).


Jonathan Toews is still sidelined, you worried?

We've had newborn babies with more hair on their faces than Johnny had in the 2010 playoffs, but we still love him … always concerned when there's an upper-body injury … my first instinct was "oh no, not the lip again," but he'll be OK.

What's your wish list at trade deadline?

Besides you losing the bag on your head? We won a Cup already! What, is that thing welded on? All I know is I'm not going anywhere. Stan Bowman's forehead told me that.

Mike Ditka still owns this town, and his mustache never had a Twitter account. Is this a bit much?

His mustache e-mails me sometimes, but it's always a coupon for wine. Also, who e-mails anymore?


Playoff beards. Too early?

I like to tell everyone it's never too early to practice their beards. Mullets? No. This isn't some A-ha cover band. Some ladies don't shave their legs during the playoffs. They call that "pulling a Pronger." I don't endorse it, but I like the phrase.


You were once a Windsor Spitfire (1975-'78). Name me one other famous alum?

Trick question. NHL mustache, grown and raised.


Correct. Would have also accepted Don Cherry.

Cherry's mustache and beard? It lisps. True story. Also, it's hard for coach when people come talk to me and leave him out of the conversation, so be polite and include him.