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  • Duke lacrosse case

    Duke lacrosse case

    Three former Duke lacrosse players, David Evans (left), Collin Finnerty (center) and Reade Seligmann applaud during a news conference on April 11, 2007, after the remaining charges against them were dropped.

  • Fresh faceoff at Loyola

    Fresh faceoff at Loyola

    Collin Finnerty, one of 3 cleared in Duke case, faces Blue Devils

  • Greyhounds look to top Devils again

    Loyola doesn't need to look far for evidence that it can compete with No. 2 Duke, which comes to town today undefeated and leading the nation in scoring offense. The precedent was set last year, when the Greyhounds scored twice in the last two minutes to beat the Blue Devils, 8-7, on a neutral...

  • Other Duke players, parents file lawsuit

    Uncharged Devils cite 'malicious' probe

  • Ex-Duke coach sues school, spokesman

    The former Duke men's lacrosse coach who lost his job after a stripper claimed three players raped her at a party in 2006 sued the school and its top spokesman yesterday, claiming slander and libel. The case was later debunked, and the prosecutor who pursued the charges was disbarred last year....

  • No federal probe of Nifong

    The Department of Justice will not investigate former Duke lacrosse prosecutor Mike Nifong for his handling of the case, a spokesman for the federal agency said yesterday. The department decided the case was better resolved inside the state, spokesman Peter Carr said in a prepared statement. Jim...

  • Four players at Duke take extra year

    Player of the Year Danowski returns

  • Duke case prosecutor could get time in jail

    Lawyers for three former Duke lacrosse players asked a judge yesterday to find Mike Nifong, the former district attorney, in criminal contempt of court. A finding of contempt could land Nifong in jail. The motion was filed with Durham Superior Court Judge W. Osmond Smith III, who has been assigned...

  • Nifong surrenders license

    Prosecutor of Duke lacrosse rape case disbarred for conduct

  • Duke case D.A. to resign

    Prosecutor, facing license loss, makes tearful apologies

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