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Chris Dufresne's college football rankings

1. Alabama (4-0): Took everything out of Arkansas, including Bear Bryant. (1)

2. LSU (4-0): Only an SEC team could allow 463 passing yards and move up. (3)

3. Oklahoma (3-0): Cover-2: Bob Stoops 100 percent for joining Pac-12 and 100 percent for staying in Big 12. (2)

4. Boise State (3-0): BCS says ammonia and water works great for cleaning glass ceilings. (4)

5. Stanford (3-0): Probably smart enough to note UCLA QB passed 11 times last week. (6)

6. Oklahoma State (4-0): Quarterback is former pitcher in Dodgers chain probably owed money by McCourts. (8)

7. Wisconsin (4-0): Member of Legends (or Leaders) division set to host Nebraska (or Creighton). (7)

8. Nebraska (4-0): Will wear red to inaugural Big Ten ball and pray it doesn't clash with opponent. (9)

9. Oregon (3-1): Twelve more yards vs. Arizona and LaMichael James, with 288, would have rushed for double his weight. (11)

10. Clemson (4-0): Join "Dabo's Fan Club" today, receive DVD of "Ma and Paw Kettle." (22)

11. Virginia Tech (4-0): High-powered Hokie-scope spots high-powered Clemson on the horizon. (12)

12. Florida (4-0): Notre Dame wonders why Charlie Weis never could start 4-0 for Irish. (13)

13. South Carolina (4-0): Trying to become this year's story with victory over last year's story, Auburn. (14)

14. Texas A&M (2-1): Team got great 3.9 percent, 30-year fixed mortgage with SEC Savings & Loan. (10)

15. South Florida (4-0): Back to drawing board after amassing only 1,320 total yards in last two games. (16)

16. Baylor (3-0): QB Robert Griffin III has more TD passes (XIII) than incompletions (XII). (18)

17. Florida State (2-2): Kid quarterback Clint Trickett could be ticket if he can get through this thicket. (5)

18. Arkansas (3-1): "In SEC-Land," Hogs tell A&M, "even chin straps are made of candy." (17)

19. West Virginia (3-1): Loud crowds and vulgar T-shirts get you only so far against the really good teams. (15)

20. Texas (3-0): Another loss to Iowa State and Longhorn Network will start casting for "CSI: Austin." (20)

21. TCU (3-1): Perennial No. 1 defense has inched up to No. 85 on the Hit Parade. (21)

22. Georgia Tech (4-0): Secret to running success is steady diet of oats mixed with Ground Chuck. (23)

23. Houston (3-0): Case Keenum gets green light to pass lights out at UTEP. (24)

24. Illinois (4-0): Homecoming this week against Northwestern … "home leaving" next week at Indiana. (25)

25. Arizona State (3-1): Linebackers help Corona Centennial High move up five spots in high school poll after USC victory. (NR)

Dropped out: USC (19).

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