The Football Writers Association of America and the National Football Foundation will debut a new poll during the 2014 college football season.

The new rankings will be called the FWAA-NFF Grantland Rice Super 16 poll in honor of the legendary sportswriter who was influential in the creation of both organizations. It’s his name the adorns the FWAA national championship trophy given to the winner each season since 1954.

“We are proud to partner with the FWAA on the launch of the Grantland Rice Super 16 poll,” said NFF President  and CEO Steve Hatchell. “Objectivity represents a core value for both our organizations, and we hope that by combining the credibility of both our organizations that we’ll provide a fun reference point for fans to follow during the college football season.”

Thirty-six voters comprised of college football Hall of Famers, NFF board members and FWAA writers. Twenty-six current and former sportswriters will take part in an effort to ensure ‘balanced-geographical representation.’ While the remaining pollsters will consist of Hall of Fame players, coaches and administrators from various regions.

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The names and affiliations of the voters will be released this summer, and their votes will be made public each week during the season.

The poll will be announced on Sundays during the season with the final rankings set on Dec. 7, a day after the conference championships.

Under the new College Football Playoffs model, a selection committee will determine the top 12 teams eligible for the four-team playoff and remaining host bowl games.


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