Progress was rarely seen in Dorrell era, much like the coach

Late in the third quarter, when they had the ball at the USC 42-yard line and trailed by just 10 points, they were indeed in it together when the defeat was clinched.

The coaches called a silly gadget play. Brandon Breazell, taking a reverse hand off from his wide receiver position, immediately dropped the ball back into the hands of USC.

The Bruins were never that close to scoring again, and afterward it was time to search for Dorrell votes of confidence.

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Athletic Director Dan Guerrero? "I have nothing to say, we'll meet on Monday," he said.

Quarterback Patrick Cowan, who could be next year's leader? "I'd like to only talk about the USC game," he said.

Dorrell also would not issue a news conference statement about his future, even when asked if he felt he had been treated fairly in the process.

"I don't want to comment on that," he said.

I will.

During five years of consistent disillusionment, Dorrell has been given every possible chance to succeed.

No matter what he decides, it is time for Guerrero to give his football program the same.

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