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Some quick updates after news conference:

*Notre Dame will be part of ACC"s bowl tie-ins below the Orange Bowl. Irish could play ACC champ in Orange.

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* ACC will keep its ESPN football money, Notre Dame will retain its NBC football windfall. Irish will receive one-fifteenth of conference basketball TV revenue. Hoops accounts for only 20 percent of TV money, football 80 percent.

* Swofford said there is no intention of adding a 16th member, which makes perfect sense. A 15th football school would imbalance divisions.

* Irish will play five ACC teams annually in football, three home and two away one year, two home and three away the next.

* When Notre Dame joins ACC hinges on negotiations with Big East. Irish would like 2013-14. May cost 'em.

* Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick calls the move "financially neutral" for school.