McClellin ranks near middle of class

"He looked heavy legged," one said. "He has no pass rush arsenal. He does not separate well. He pushes the pocket and collapses."

Numbers games: Forgotten receiver

When Mike Martz was running the Bears' offense, he frequently compared Matt Forte to Marshall Faulk.

Since Martz left, Forte has become a much less important figure in the passing game.

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Forte is averaging 2.7 catches per game for 18.4 yards. Last year, he averaged 4.3 catches for 40.8 yards.

On average, the Bears are throwing to Forte 3.9 times every game, compared to 6.3 times last year.

And Forte is not being used on the same kind of routes. His average catch this year is for 6.8 yards. Last year, it was 11.3 yards.

When he has caught the ball, he hasn't been as dangerous. Forte is averaging 6.85 yards per reception after the catch, down from last year's 11.3.

Front office chess: Backup power

With guard Lance Louis on injured reserve, the Bears needed a lineman who could integrate into a system quickly and have the confidence to play in a pinch.

Enter Andre Gurode.

An 11-year veteran and five time Pro Bowler, Gurode last was a starter for the Cowboys in 2010. He was a backup for the Ravens last year and has been out of football since January.

Gurode worked out for the Lions and Chiefs, but he was waiting for the right place. He wanted to play for a contender, and he jumped at the chance to play for the Bears.

"Good organization, great history, great group of guys," Gurode said. "It was a great opportunity to play with some young guys."

He was not brought to the Bears to replace Louis in the starting lineup. Rather, he was brought in to be an emergency replacement in the event of more injuries.

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