The Madiganistan succession, or Illinois' own Game of Thrones

Illinois voters don't think the governor is in politics for the money. And he's held to his principles on expansion of gambling and other issues.

Though Princess Lisa has obvious advantages, her problem is that voters may already be sick of being ruled by her father.

If she becomes governor and her father remains speaker and Democratic Party boss, we might as well all just kneel and put our foreheads to the ground. And so a rumor has been floated, almost as if by coincidence, that if she runs and wins in the Democratic primary, Boss Madigan will resign as speaker.

But he'd never give up the Democratic Party chairmanship, which controls the political money and the rest. He could put a robot in Springfield and run things. So whether he steps down from the speaker's office he's held for three decades or not, he'll remain in power, as the hand of the queen.

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Republicans will make this an issue. And the one thing the ruthless imp doesn't like is the spotlight.

Republican Bruce Rauner, the wealthy former venture capitalist, will make the Madigans an issue. Rauner is expected to formally announce his candidacy this week.

And so would Dan Proft, the WLS-AM radio talk show host who is considering another run as the lone conservative.

Right now, though, on the Democratic side, it's up to Bill Daley.

The Daleys don't play politics by accident. They don't let passion rule them when it comes to taking power.

If Bill Daley gets in this, it will be because he thinks — or knows — that Princess Lisa has decided to opt out.

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