Give thanks for early moutza

Only a few years ago, Democratic senators like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin and Harry Reid screamed holy hell when Republicans even thought of doing it.

Democrats rightly warned that such a move could threaten the republic by eliminating the checks and balances thought critical by the founders.

Obama, the self-proclaimed constitutional expert, said it was a terribly dangerous idea. Now he loves it.

"Reid and Durbin," wrote Steve B. "The Thelma and Louise of Politics. … Too bad there isn't a cliff."

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There is a cliff, Steve. And the republic is rolling right toward it. This moutza we leave for history.

Yet what about the here and now?

Winfrey, the Queen of Talk, the Great and Terrible O, made big news by wanting to become America's Czarina of Death.

Oprah offered a prescription for old people who criticize President Obama. She said many who do so have been marinated in the evils of racism.

"There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die," she told the BBC.

Yes Oprah, many geezers are racist. White ones, black ones too, and yet, many also voted for Obama, WHO WAS ELECTED TWICE.

Some voted for him because of their prejudice, others in spite of it. The food metaphor was nice, but pronouncing their death sentence is somewhat extreme, no?

It's too bad Oprah didn't offer this view when the geezer ladies were watching her TV show, making her rich.

Clearly, Oprah suffers from the heartbreak of racecardism. And there's only one cure.

Oh, Great and Terrible O, can you see it?

The Moutza of November is coming.


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