"I'm taking it in steps and making sure I'm healthy enough to get back on the field," he said.

The father hopes that his son, who threw for over 2,000 yards as a senior in high school, will get a chance to play the position he was recruited for.

"I'm more worried about if he's not given the opportunity to play [quarterback], what the repercussions of that outcome for his motivation would be," Ralph Montalvo said. "But he loves those guys, he's really wants to be part of that."

Finally, a well-deserved break

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Before going home for Thanksgiving break, Rafi Montalvo said he was looking forward to a few days to relax.

"I feel like it's going to be a way to recharge my batteries, it's been almost a full straight year of rehab and therapy and I feel like I really deserve this break," he said. "Just seeing my family again will be great. I feel like this year has gone back really fast. Every minute I'm working just to get better."

Ralph Montalvo said Sunday that his son spent most of the past few days working out with trainers he has used since high school, playing basketball with his brothers and throwing the football "harder than I've seen him throw it before."

As he was being dropped off for his flight back to Baltimore from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Rafi Montalvo hugged his parents and left them laughing.

"He said, 'I'm in the bonus round, I made it farther than I did last year,'" Ralph Montalvo recalled. "It's fantastic."