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Football: The tie that binds

  • Football: The tie that binds

    Football: The tie that binds

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  • Ravens' Gaither studying up

    By his own admission, Jared Gaither wasn't much for academics while attending the University of Maryland. But he has become more of a student since leaving college. These days, Gaither, the Ravens' raw-boned rookie offensive tackle, directs his energies toward learning the team's playbook - a binder...

  • Tradition on tap

    Tradition on tap

    The words just tumbled out of Tony Della Rose's mouth. He was trying to say something inspirational about the Ravens at his family's bar in White Marsh. But he had just watched some special on the Nature Channel, and he found himself talking about apes. "Every once in a while, a hurricane comes...

  • On a fast track

    On a fast track

    The question made Darrius Heyward-Bey chuckle. And roll his eyes. To the Maryland sophomore wide receiver, it sounded, when voiced out loud, almost absurd. Darrius, are you thinking at all about declaring early for the NFL draft? It's the kind of question that begins in some dark corner of the...

  • Of good cheer

    It's easy, if you want, to diss The Cheerleader. Easy to ridicule the stereotype, write her off as the popular, skinny, vapid airhead. Easy to consider her role outdated and one - in this era of Girl Power and female presidential candidates - that should have been phased out with the introduction...

  • Army-Navy rivalry often a family affair

    Army-Navy rivalry often a family affair

    Military traditions, experience frequently hit close to home

  • First aide station

    First aide station

    Being a top assistant is mix of working, waiting for Navy's Niumatalolo

  • Ravens fanatic

    Ravens fanatic

    Reisterstown's Bruce Raffel takes being a football follower seriously - as evidenced by his basement and popular blog

  • All booked up in Vegas

    All booked up in Vegas

    Wearing a Ravens baseball cap and an old No. 31 jersey, Charlie Carnaggio was a beacon of Baltimore pride sitting among several hundred fellow gamblers packed into the Las Vegas Hilton's cavernous sports and race book last Sunday. There were Romos and Bradys and Mannings all over the place, but...

  • The throwback

    The throwback

    Art Donovan saw a lot of stuff during his 12 years in pro football, but as the grizzled Hall of Famer settled in to watch the Ravens' game Monday night, something flashed on the TV screen that gave him pause. "It was a picture of four players getting ready for the game by having their nails polished,"...

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