A Depressing Loss To The Usually Hapless Bulls

Lyle McCombs flubbed a high handoff from Whitmer after a high center snap and fumbled the ball away at the USF 38.

It would be hyperbole to say this game had a little of everything. But it did have one thing nobody had seen all season. Coming in, USF was the only team in major college football without an interception.

They had two in the fourth, the first by Jon Lejiste after Whitmer got hit as he threw the ball and it went straight up in the air. The second, by Elkino Watson on the last possession, came after the pass was deflected by Todd Chandler off UConn lineman Tyler Bullock's helmet.

Yes, it's fluky. But like we said, bad things happen to bad teams.

USF had been the Huskies' safety net. Heck, USF has been everybody's safety net. During their six-game losing streak, USF lost leads in the final two minutes three times. Last season, USF lost three times in the final play of the game and a fourth with 12 seconds remaining.

Nobody has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory with more elan.

And against UConn, it has gone on for some time. Everybody remembers 2010. But remember 2009? Teggart kicked a 42-yard field goal in the snow at the Rent on the last play for the win.

Remember 2007? UConn beat No. 11 USF for its only victory over a Top 25 opponent in program history. You may even remember 2005. USF fans certainly do. The USF fan blog is named after the play Voodoo 5. The Bulls eschewed a field goal and ran a trick play on fourth down at the goal line. It failed miserably. UConn won. USF lost its chance to play for the Big East title.

Last year, the Huskies didn't have a touchdown, but still won 16-10 after Byron Jones returned a fumble for a third-quarter touchdown. On this night, Jones would drop a sure interception that could have been the game-changing play late in the third.

Chad Christen hit a 50-yard field goal at the end of the first half. And when he hit from 37 yards with 4:28 left in the third quarter the Huskies had their first second-half points since the Buffalo game on Sept. 29. Yep, they were 0-for-October.

Christen had sent out a tweet earlier in the day, with a picture of Teggart holding his hands aloft. Christen had been the holder on this special play in UConn history. The message was "Going to make it another night to remember in South Florida."

Needless to say, it wasn't.

There have been no nights to remember in this forgettable season of a Pasqualoni era that is threatening to be every bit as forgettable as this night.