Celtics Can't Match Pregame Heroics

Doc tried juggling the lineup. He started Terry alongside Bradley. He brought Brandon Bass off the bench. It didn't work. Nothing is working.

"I don't know, we're 0-3, I may start you next game if you can give me something," Rivers said to a reporter. "I was just trying to alleviate some pressure from Avery. I just think all the ball-handling he's doing is just too much. Our thinking is they start with two small guards, so it's a good matchup for us. I liked it. We got good shots. We just didn't make anything. At the end of the day, it didn't work. But I liked it.

"I'll watch the tape tonight. That'll be fun."

You got the feeling if Doc didn't laugh a little, he'd start to cry.

"I don't mind the pressure on Paul [Pierce], honestly," Rivers said. "We're asking other guys right now to do way too much. We don't have a lot of choices in the matter. We can add more guards on the floor at times with them. I just think it's too much, obviously. We have to figure out a way of relieving some pressure."

According to ESPN, the Celtics were 13-0 in home playoff games after a road loss in the same postseason and Garnett averaged 21.4 points and 10.8 rebounds in those games. The Celtics are 32-8 at home and 14-27 on the road in the playoffs since Garnett joined the team — numbers that are floated frequently as testament to Boston's invincibility at home in the spring. Not any more.

Garnett did do his part on this night, pulling in 17 rebounds to go with 12 points.

"He played so hard," Rivers said. "He missed some shots he'd like to have back. But he really wanted to win tonight. He was fantastic. That's why you love him. I got the sense he was frustrated because he wanted [his teammates] to be in the same spirit.

"He's as competitive a human being as I've ever been around."

Unfortunately for Doc, on a grand night that turned so sour and quiet, there weren't enough Kevin Garnetts in green.