Current system is unjust

David Teel

Newport News

Bo Ryan does not appear to be an outlaw coach. His Wisconsin basketball program, by all accounts, wins the right way. But Ryan's reaction to forward Jarrod Uthoff's transfer request was indefensible and again exposed the NCAA's unfair treatment of transfers.

Barring overwhelming evidence of tampering, coaches should have zero say over a transfer's destination. Blocking conference rivals is standard, but Ryan went beyond the Big Ten, blocking the entire ACC because of the annual ACC-Big Ten Challenge.

Public opinion and common sense shouted him down. Let's hope the NCAA strips coaches and schools of such absolute power.

Only in limited cases

Chris Dufresne

Los Angeles Times

Coaches and schools should have little say over where a player wants to play or attend school. It's a joke that coaches such as Bo Ryan, who could bolt Wisconsin tomorrow for a better job, can try to restrict a player who wants to transfer. Are there exceptions? Sure. It's reasonable to restrict a player from immediately following a coach who leaves a school for another job. That would be chaos.

It also makes sense that there be penalties for transfers within a conference. You wouldn't want a free-flow policy of players going back and forth from Ohio State and Michigan to exploit an intense rivalry. In almost every other case, though, a player should have the right to transfer anywhere he or she sees fit.

It's the player's life

Coley Harvey