Varsity Q&A: Caroline Seats, Roland Park, lacrosse

College coaches recruited Roland Park's Caroline Seats for field hockey and lacrosse, but she knew before the process even began that she would play lacrosse. A two-time first-team All-Metro midfielder in lacrosse and field hockey, she is an Under Armour All-American in lacrosse and a first-team All-State selection in field hockey. Her stellar midfield play helped the No. 2 Reds reach the IAAM A Conference lacrosse final this spring for the first time in seven years. After following her sister Sarah, 23, into sports, she opted for the same college, too, and signed with Georgetown, where she plans to study international business. The recent high school graduate will play in the sixth annual Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic Saturday at 4 p.m. at Towson University's Johnny Unitas Stadium. She plans to spend the rest of her summer playing in the Metro lacrosse league, taking a family vacation to the South Carolina shore and getting in better shape for fall ball.

Question: When did lacrosse become the sport for you?

Answer: I loved field hockey and that was a tough choice, if I was going to just drop it, which still kind of breaks my heart. I think Sky Walkers [club lacrosse] really just showed me how much I loved [lacrosse] and that I could play it the whole year and not really miss field hockey too badly. When I entered high school, I kind of knew where I was going.

Q: What do you like about being a midfielder in both sports?

A: Everyone is like, "I guess you like to run," (laughs) which I do. I just like to be involved in things and not kind of limit the action, especially in lacrosse, because you see it all in the midfield. If it's not your shooting day, you can play good defense. If it's not your defensive day, you can play more on attack.

Q: What would you say is the best part of your game?

A: I think versatility. Just being able to help out where it's needed. That's what really came in handy this year [in lacrosse]. I would say attack definitely wasn't my strong point this year. I was more in the midfield and towards the defense, transition so I could help out, clear the ball and get the ball back if I needed to and kind of lead the offense but not always finish it, let other people do their thing.

Q: What drove the lacrosse team's success this year?

A: I think the main reason for our success was that our team was just so bonded. We loved each other. I had been on the team for four years at Roland Park, and by far this year was the most fun and united of them all. Everyone enjoyed each other and understood what the coaches stood for.

Q: How did you get through the ups and downs, because you had some great wins and then some tough losses?

A: I think this is what sets this season apart from the other ones. This year, we didn't dwell on them as much. We just knew we were good and we had to keep going and not let the losses — the loss to St. Paul's was a killer — not let that get to us. We couldn't give up.

Q: What was the highlight of your high school sports career?

A: Definitely the championship game. Roland Park, we've had a little dry spell I would say (laughs). We couldn't get past the quarterfinals, so it was really amazing. In field hockey, we had a great season too, but in lacrosse, to be able to step on that field for the championship was pretty amazing.

Q: What are you looking forward to about the Under Armour All-America game?

A: I can't wait to play with these girls again. All the other years, you play on the underclassmen team with Baltimore, so you know all these girls from club and all these other tournaments. I can't wait to be on their team.

Q: What's fun about playing with these girls that you play against most of the year?

A: You have to laugh a little because you know exactly what they're doing and now you can help them out. All these girls are so good that you want to hate them when you play against them, but it's great to have them on your side.

Q: Did you narrow down a top five colleges?

A: It really came down to Georgetown, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Northwestern.

Q: How do you choose among schools like that much less lacrosse programs?

A: It's kind of funny that I ended up choosing Georgetown, because in the beginning I didn't really want to follow in my sister's footsteps, but when it came down to it, I narrowed it down to Georgetown and Virginia. Then, I just looked at the schools, the teammates and everything and Georgetown was perfect. When I made I my pros and cons list, it was obvious what I wanted.

Q: What did you do for your senior project?

A: I worked downtown at Under Armour in the sponsorship and events part. That side deals with the Preakness, seven-v-seven football tournaments and the U.S. Open, although I didn't do much with that. It was just very interesting. I got to see how the business ran, and I just loved it. It definitely told me that I want to be in the business for sure. You meet the clientele and the people that are going to be wearing the gear and you really want to make it easier for them to perform. You see it all connect, which is neat.

Q: What's the best advice anyone ever gave you?

A: Definitely [coach Mike] McLaughlin at Sky Walkers. He said, "Play every inch of the field," and I think that's just so key, because you want to rest so badly but you just can't.

Q: What role have sports played in making you the person you are today?

A: Oh gosh, everything. The people I've met. All my friends. And the competitive drive you get from sports, that's really key in my life. Everything, day-to-day things — you just want to do your best.

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