What is your personal goal for this year?

Win the 3A state championship.

You start off the season against Wise at the I-95 Kickoff Classic. Are you looking forward to that?

I've been counting down the days, actually. I'm definitely looking forward to that. This will be our biggest game in the regular season. Last year, we had the state championship, but we've never had anything this big in the regular season. This will be a good game for our guys to see where everybody is at, physically and mentally.

You have very good grades. How did academics become so important to you?

From my mom, really. She instilled that in me from day one, Pre-K, first grade all the way up. She gets on me about doing my homework, studying, turning in my work on time.

What are you looking for in a college?

The most important thing for me — I know these schools have great academics and they're going to be great people — but what will probably be the most important, the deciding factor is getting on the field. Playing time. I'm going to school not to sit on the bench for a year or two. I want to go to a school and step in and play a role.

Do you get the sense with some of them that you could do that?

Yes I do.

You’re moving pretty slowly through the recruiting process. Are you doing that on purpose?

I believe so, yes. I actually wanted to commit earlier, like before the season started, but my parents told me just to hold off, go through your senior season first, so you don’t have to worry about it and then afterward make a decisions.

When are you going to take your next visit?

I actually had it set for Sept. 3, but I believe now it’s going to be Oct. 8. Notre Dame. That would be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See a game. I forget which game it is though. (It’s Air Force.)

Have you been out there before?

No. I’ve been to Maryland, Boston College, Rutgers and West Virginia.

What did you do over your summer vacation?

Train. I just trained all summer, four days a week with my trainer out in Timonium, Kyle Jakobe. That’s pretty much it. I was hitting the field with a couple of friends. We did the ladders and one-on-ones, stuff like that. Earlier in the summer as a team we had some schools come to our stadium and did some 7-on-7s.

Did you get any vacation in?