Brady will be under a lot more pressure than he is used to, and Eli Manning will find a lot of open receivers in that Patriots secondary. Funny, but it seems like only a few months ago that everybody in the land of the Giants was ready to jump ship.

Kevin Van Valkenburg

1-1 last week

169-97 overall

Patriots 24, Giants 23

The conventional wisdom seems to be trending toward the Giants here. But I think Brady will seize the moment. He didn't play well against the Ravens, but I think he's going to be motivated to claim his spot on the Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks.

Mark Viviano

1-1 last week

175-91 overall

Giants 24, Patriots 16

The Giants go from 7-7 to Super Bowl champions in six weeks. It's proof that you don't have to be great in the NFL, just good at the right time.

Jeff Zrebiec

1-1 last week

171-95 overall

Patriots 31, Giants 20

There will be no late-game Manning heroics and no repeat of Super Bowl XLII. Brady and the Patriots have been on a mission all season, and that mission ends with them hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.