Slow start might be too tough for even Duke to overcome

There are no excuses, and this was a great learning tool. I'm sure that proud tradition of great Hopkins players would have understood. In fact, most of them probably would have welcomed it.

Effects of the MIAA

I've been noticing this for more than a decade now, but it seems like most of the junior-league stars who play in the prestigious Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association A Conference don't get much better until they go to college.

My theory is that the private schools are so strong and competitive that they don't stress basics and fundamentals. Instead, they just plug the players into their system.

When these players get to college, it's like being born again because they have to be re-taught and become fundamentally sound again.

One problem for Terps

There is no doubt that Maryland is the best team in the country right now. The Terps aren't just winning, they are just destroying the opposition both mentally and physically.

The only problem for the Terps is the lack of depth, especially in the midfield.

If a starter or two gets injured, they could be in trouble.

Attackmen Jay Carlson and Kevin Cooper give the Terps some options at midfield if an injury occurs, but that potential move could eventually spring a leak on attack, too.

New look for Amato

Maryland goalie Niko Amato is downplaying the weight loss as one of the keys to his success this season, but it has made a major difference.

Not only is he more mobile, but his attitude from a year ago is much improved and he showed a lot of leadership in the fall.

Amato hasn't always been dominating at times because the Terps usually control the pace of games, but whenever they've needed a save to change the momentum of a game, Amato has delivered.

Scheduling issues

I love the way the television networks are dictating the game schedule.

Whoever heard of 5 p.m. games on Friday afternoons?

But it allows ESPN to show a lacrosse game and still televise a college basketball game later in the evening.

It is always about the money.

Practice time

With everyone so concerned about concussions and litigation, will high schools become like the NFL and start limiting the amount of contact in practices?

In public schools, you currently can't practice longer than two hours, which I agree with, but I think that should be up to individual coaches.

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