Q&A Catching up with Navy attacker Loren Generi

Each week, The Baltimore Sun will publish a Q&A with a college lacrosse player or coach to get you better acquainted with the player and his or her team. Today's guest is Navy attacker Loren Generi, who hopes to help the No. 12 Midshipmen women win their fifth straight Patriot League championship.

A junior from Bayport, N.Y., Generi is the niece of former Navy coach Richie Meade. An All-Patriot League selection last season and the conference Rookie of the Year in 2012, she led the Midshipmen with four goals in their season-opening 14-8 win at Longwood Saturday.

How much did lacrosse figure into your decision to come to the Naval Academy?

I grew up watching my uncle's games and I love Navy lacrosse. I always have. It was frustrating because as I was getting older and thinking about school, they didn't have the women's team yet. Right when I heard there was a women's team, I said, "I want to play Navy lacrosse." I remember the first year that the team became varsity, my uncle got me a jersey. It's probably a size extra small and I can't squeeze into it, but I still have it.

Did your uncle influence your decision?

I never really even told him I was interested. I didn't want it seem like he got me into the Naval Academy or he got me recruited. I didn't really tell him until very late in the recruiting process. I think he had the same mindset that I did. He didn't want to influence my decision in any way.

How has your role in the offense changed this season with new faces in the lineup?

The difference is that last season I was – I don't want to say one dimensional but – I was a cutter. I didn't really dodge so much. I wasn't really playing anywhere else but on that elbow and this year, it's refreshing being moved around. I'll play behind, I'll play up top, I'll still play on the elbow, so I think it's really nice being able to move around a little bit more.

How has the addition of Loyola and Boston University changed the complexion of the Patriot League?

I am so excited. It makes things a little bit more interesting because we've won Patriot League the last few years and it just adds another challenge for us. Obviously going to the Naval Academy, we love a challenge, so that's how we're viewing it. It's exciting to play teams of that level.

You still have more than a year at Navy, but have you thought about where lacrosse fits into your future?

With the Naval Academy, it's difficult, because we do have that commitment afterward, but lacrosse has been such a huge part of my life, I can't see myself without it. I might not being playing, but I would love to coach. I was on summer training in California and I was spending a lot of time with (former Navy teammates) the Young twins (Kathy and Beth) and Dominique Wright and they have a little league going with adults and I joined in one day. It was so much fun just to be able to play pick-up lacrosse and they were just doing it after work. I could definitely see myself doing that and a little further along, maybe coaching even if it's just a town league wherever I decide to be.

How has playing lacrosse enhanced your experience at the Academy?

I love it. The Academy is what you make of it and being involved in this just makes it more of a challenge. You have all of your friends in your company, but then it's so nice being able to have your teammates as well. In other Division I programs, lacrosse is the absolute hardest part of their day and here were have pretty tough classes, a tough life, so I am excited to go to lacrosse every day. It's like a breath of fresh air. I wouldn't say it's the easiest part of my day — it's still extremely tough – but it's nice at the end of a hard day being able to be with our team and play or practice and just get it all out.


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