State Police in Howard Co. warn of imitator scam

Someone called residents in the Baltimore region Wednesday evening using the "spoofed" phone number of a Maryland State Police barrack, demanding money and threatening arrest.

Officials said the person, described as male, claims to be from State Police and the phone number of the Waterloo Barrack in Jessup appears when he calls. The caller demands payment for outstanding court or traffic fines, saying residents must immediately pay to avoid arrest. In some cases, the caller left messages when no one answered the phone.

State Police said they do not know of anyone who gave the caller money, and said more than a dozen people were suspicious and called the Waterloo Barrack to report the incident beginning at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

State Police are conducting a criminal investigation and urged anyone getting a call from the suspect to notify them. The Waterloo Barrack phone number that the caller is spoofing is 410-799-2101.

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