Prosecutors rested their case in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial Monday morning.

Before calling the last witness to the stand, prosecutors withdrew an unlawful contact with a minor charge involving Victim 4, because the law went into effect after the alleged crime. Judge John Cleland also denied several motions from the defense, ruling there was enough evidence for the jury to consider all of the counts against Sandusky.

The last person to testify for the prosecution was the mother of alleged Victim 9, telling the jury she found it unusual when her son's underwear went missing from the laundry. The teenager took to the stand last Thursday, claiming Sandusky forced him into having anal sex, but he "dealt with it."

A total of 21 witnesses took the stand for the state over the course of five days, painting an emotional and at times graphic picture for the jury. The prosecution rested just before 10:45 Monday morning, handing the trial over to the defense.

"If this is what we're having as a preview as to the strength of the defense, I'm not overwhelmed," said Tom Kline, attorney for alleged Victim 5.

The state also dropped one of the charges involving Victim 4 unlawful contact with a minor because the law went into effect after the alleged crime. 

Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach, is facing 51 charges related to sexually abusing 10 boys.  The defense began its case Monday with three character witnesses for Sandusky. 

The judge has indicated the defense should be done calling witnesses on Wednesday with closing arguments on Thursday.  The jury will be sequestered while deliberating.