Former Raven Steve Smith Sr. goes back to work — at Taco Bell

Steve Smith Sr. won’t be retiring as a Panther anytime soon, but he can still bring joy to the good, hungry people of the Carolinas.

The former Ravens wide receiver, who worked at Taco Bell during high school and in junior college, recently went back behind the counter at a store location in Charlotte to promote his new role as an analyst for NFL Network’s “NFL GameDay Morning.”

“The drive-through at rush hour is really just like a two-minute drill,” Smith told USA Today’s For The Win. “You’re going to make some mistakes. You’re going to mishear the order, or mishear the play, and you’ve just got to shake it off, man. You’ve got to get to the next customer or get to the next play.”

It’s tough when you’re getting noticed as Steve Smith, though.

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