Ravens fans really, really don't want to date Steelers fans

There are about as many reasons not to date someone as there are people available to date. They can smell, or be too short, or live in Estonia, or they’ve already spoiled “Game of Thrones” for you.

Or, if you’re a Ravens fan, maybe they root for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That alone, according to a recent Fanatics survey of NFL fans, is disqualifying for about half of Ravens fans. Fifty percent said they would "absolutely not date" a fan of their rivals, the highest such mark in the findings. Chicago Bears fans were second-most selective, with 45.7 percent saying they'd reject a Green Bay Packers supporter as a love interest.

Nearly as many Ravens fans (42 percent) also said they’d never date a New England Patriots diehard. No one had such strong feelings about Ravens fans, though. Make of that what you will.

Ravens fans appear quite committed to this no-Steelers, no-Patriots policy. Twenty percent said they'd vote for an opposing political party rather than date a rival fan, the seventh-highest rate among fan bases. They also led the way in pledges to put their football passions ahead of, um, certain carnal pleasures.

Sports: They’re just a game until they begin to affect Mid-Atlantic fertility rates.

Bliss between foes is possible. This happy couple, married last year, never might have dated if not for a Ravens-Steelers game. Early in their courtship, the Ravens lost, and then the Steelers lost, and along the way love won out.



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