Watch Ravens' Brandon Williams, Vikings' Stefon Diggs (Maryland) play 'proper football'

In two weeks, the Ravens will face the Jacksonville Jaguars in London, where “football” means a different thing to the locals. So when Brandon Williams visited England this summer to promote the game, he wore his Ravens jersey, of course, but he also had to play with a ball at his feet.

Along with the Minnesota Vikings’ Stefon Diggs (Maryland), Arizona CardinalsTyrann Mathieu and other Britain-bound NFL standouts, Williams was invited to a miniature soccer field for some “proper football.” Fortunately, BBC Sports recorded it for posterity.

The above game recap has everything a video like this should: English broadcasters, world-class athletes made to look like kindergartners, even Williams scoring with his hands (legally).

At the end, the defensive tackle is just chuffed to bits.

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