In NFL draft bombshell, Baltimore's Mel Kiper Jr. finally gets a haircut

Change comes for us all. Even Mel Kiper Jr.

When ESPN’s Baltimore-born NFL draft analyst appeared Thursday on “SportsCenter” to talk prospects, anchor David Lloyd couldn’t help but notice a more aerodynamic ’do.

“Dennis Kiper, my cousin, came in,” Kiper explained. “He’s a professional. I wanted it short. I said, ‘Do whatever it takes to get it so David Lloyd would not have an issue with it.’ And, hey, 35 years at ESPN, David, time has come where you can finally see my ears.”

He’s not wrong.

Strengths: Less shampoo and conditioner needed; has slimming effect.

Weaknesses: Not as funny; should get him fired by ESPN.

Comparison: Mel Kiper Jr. lookalike.

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