Colin Kaepernick's girlfriend targets Ray Lewis and Steve Bisciotti on Twitter

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t publicly spoken about the possibility of signing with the Ravens as quarterback Joe Flacco misses time in training camp with a back injury.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s girlfriend, however, sent the franchise a message — specifically to Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti and former star linebacker Ray Lewis.

Nessa Diab, a nationally syndicated radio personality who has dated Kaepernick for about two years, posted to Twitter on Tuesday an image of Lewis embracing Bisciotti over a mirrored shot from a scene in “Django Unchained,” where a house slave, played by Samuel L. Jackson, hugs his racist master, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The tweet was likely a jab at the Ravens’ drawn-out publicity about whether to add Kaepernick after his national anthem protest last year and subsequent social justice activism.

This week, a report surfaced that Bisciotti, who said he was consulting Lewis and fans about the decision, was resistant to the coach John Harbaugh’s and general manager Ozzie Newsome’s interest in signing Kaepernick — which Newsome later refuted in a statement.

Lewis also posted a video to Twitter urging Kaepernick to “get back on the football field and let your play speak for itself.”

Perhaps that’s Kaepernick’s intention. Nessa, though, has other plans.

After tweeting the picture, captioned with a bulls-eye emoji and Lewis’ Twitter handle, she retweeted videos and articles denouncing his plea and supporting Kaepernick’s efforts.

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