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Your Turn: Would you want an Oriole in the Home Run Derby?

The Baltimore Sun

For years, the idea that baseball’s Home Run Derby will throw off a player’s swing in the second half of the season has crossed the minds of many fans.

In 2008, Josh Hamilton sent 35 total home runs out of Yankee Stadium, but his second-half production suffered the consequence.

Before the All-Star break that season, Hamilton had hit 21 long balls and drove in 95 runs in 93 games. After his domination in the Derby, Hamilton hit 11 home runs and batted in just 35 runs. His average also dipped from .310 to .296 in his final 63 games of the season.

In 2006, however, Ryan Howard won the Home Run Derby and he went from hitting 28 homers and 71 RBIs in the first 84 games to 30 and 78 in the final 75. His average jumped from .278 to .355, as well.

So, with the idea, or misconception (depending on who you ask), that the Home Run Derby will ruin a player’s second half, would you want an Orioles player to compete in it at the risk of hurting their numbers?

Your Turn: Would you want an Oriole in the Home Run Derby?

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