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Evil Empire vanquished; Orioles fans rejoice

Orioles fans are chortling this morning after the Detroit Tigers routed the New York Yankees 8-1 Thursday for a four-game sweep of the American League Championship Series.

This was an unbelievably humiliating series for the Yankees, which always plays well here. It’s been fun watching the notorious New York media savage the home team, too.

The Yankees seemed intent in mailing this one in from the beginning. It didn’t help that Yankees’ ace  C.C. Sabathia, who surrendered 11 hits and six runs, appeared to be throwing batting practice to the Tigers yesterday.

Alex Rodriguez and his .120 batting average for the series  and his serial in-game womanizing (more on that in a moment) are taking the brunt of the heat from Yankees fans. But the fact is, the whole team looked awful. When your lineup includes Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson and posts a .157 batting average, it’s hard to point fingers at one player.

Things were so bad that my nephew in New York, a die-hard Yankees fan since birth, texted me in the middle of yesterday’s game:  “This is embarrassing. Yankees are horrible. Orioles deserve to be here, not this bunch of losers.”

The Orioles deserve to be there?

Well, that’s another story altogether.

In the meantime, the big story in the Big Apple is whether A-Rod returns to the Yankees next year after this post-season abomination.  The word is they’d love to get rid of him. But they still owe him close to $100 million, so good luck with that plan.

But the other big story involves the, ahem, cool way A-Rod tried to pick up women during the series. Sending a ball to two attractive women during Game 1 with instructions to write their names on the ball and send it back to him in the dugout – is that smooth or what?

Oh, and way to focus on the game, big guy.

The Yankees reportedly are irate about this incident, too. But it’s the shocking decline in his skills and how woeful he looked at the plate that will concern them most this off-season.

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