Cody 6:57   I spy a guy in the crowd wearing an Orioles shirt with a cast on his right arm. I wonder if he was involved in the dugout-clearing brawl earlier today.


Aaron 6:58   Bram just took a vicious, I mean VICIOUS headbutt to the groin.


Trevor 6:59  From his own teammate! You can’t script that!


Cody 7:00   Eddie secures the win with another cradle. “The Wolves” remain World Champs.


Aaron 7:00   Cue music and the title belt guitar playing. The Champs are undefeated so far tonight.


Trevor 7:01  If I were a wrestler I’d go by the moniker Dropkick Murphy.


Aaron 7:03   A kid in a referee shirt with a whistle around his neck gets invited to the ring to practice slapping the mat. If reffing doesn’t work out, he already has the outfit to work at Foot Locker.


Trevor 7:04   The referee is named Earl Hebner. I wonder if he knows Hugh Hefner. If so, I’m surprised he didn’t ref Angelina and Gail’s match. This guy’s reffed more than 100,000 matches though, which is pretty impressive. #Legend


Gunner vs. EC3


Aaron 7:36   Gunner kicks off his match with EC3 by thanking all the country’s troops and having everyone join him in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It looks like he’s been using the Navy Seal weight training program #jacked