Trevor 6:46   They’re getting in the World Cup spirit.


Cody 6:48   I would’ve hit these guys with dual-stall warnings by now. They’re literally not doing anything but scoffing at each other … and as I type that, of course they start hitting each other.


Cody 6:50  Magnus has a wicked uppercut to the chin. He’s been killing Eddie with it for the last couple of minutes.


Trevor 6:50  I bet Dr. Evil’s favorite wrestler would be “Mag-nus.”


Cody 6:52   I’ve always wondered why they hadn’t started two separate fights until now. There’s one going on the ring, obviously, but now the other two guys are duking it out on the side. THIS is what we came here for.


Trevor 6:53   I came here for some minor league baseball. Boy was I surprised when I walked inside...


Aaron 6:54   Bram looks like a long-haired King Leonidas from 300. I’m expecting a THIS IS SPARTA when they win.


Trevor 6:54   Or a long-haired Bram Weinstein from SportsCenter. Maybe he’ll bust out a THIS IS SPORTSCENTER!


Cody 6:54   Eddie was getting the snot beat out of him, then the crowd started cheering his name. Somehow, that gave him enough power to perform a beautiful suicide cradle on Bram. We’ve got a whole new match, folks.


Cody 6:56   Eddie’s revival was short-lived.