Aaron 6:17   Five seconds into the match: “Finish Her!” Nobody seems to like Angelina Jolie, I mean Love.


Trevor 6:19   Where is the Love? On the floor! Gail Kim ain’t messing around.


Cody 6:19  Love keeps leaving the ring. I’m not sure why.


Aaron 6:20   “Kick the blonde bimbo’s ass, Gail!”, “Angelina looks like an over-sized Barbie doll” The sounds of sitting ringside. I have to say, though. Angelina looks like Pam Anderson’s stepdaughter.


Trevor 6:21  I think Angelina Love and DJ Z should get together. Both clearly in wrestling for the glamor. And they’d have a common interest to help break the ice on their first date.


Cody 6:21  I mean, to that fan’s credit, she DOES look like an over-sized barbie doll. On the flip side, though, Kim had a wicked suicide cradle, which she threw while on her feet. B-E-A-Utifully executed.

Trevor 6:22   
There’s the first legit wrestling reference from Cody. Only took him 22 minutes. Although I do appreciate the Bruce Almighty reference. 

Cody 6:22
  People in the press box are thinking of ways to make this match better. So far, they’ve listed the following: “Make them wrestle in jello.” “They should be doing this on a trampoline.” “Instead of jello, make them wrestle in chocolate. Or nacho cheese!”


Aaron 6:23   Angelina wins. She gets booed as she walks off the field but hoists her title belt up high.


Trevor 6:25  Gail Kim looks rather upset. Has to be humiliating.


The “Cowboy” James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson