Trevor 5:50   I don’t know what’s more impressive ... that fan’s dedication or your ability to spell paraphernalia.


Aaron 5:51   Uh-oh, the tarp is officially off the ring that’s sitting smack dab on home plate. There was a ladder standing in the middle. I sure am hoping that prop is involved in the show.


Cody 5:56  I’ve heard that this will re-air on Spike on Thursday. Here’s to hoping Trevor disrupts the action for his first wrestling cameo.


Trevor 6:00   I guess you missed my WWE debut the other night. Your loss.


Aaron 6:01   Boy, it got loud when the announcer said “I’ve got a fistful of backstage passes.”


Cody 6:02 A few initial thoughts before the action gets started:

1. I really, really, really hope the wrestlers use bats, seeing as we’re at Ripken Stadium.

2. Think any of the “talent” will use cheesy baseball puns when they talk trash on each other? I’m setting the line at 13 baseball puns — and will gladly take the over.

3. At this time, there might be just over 100 people here in attendance (and that’s counting the Ripken Stadium staff).

Here’s to hoping for an entertaining night.


X Division Title Match: Seiya Sanada (champ) vs. DJ Z

Trevor 6:03
   One guy has multicolored streaks in his hair. It’s almost like someone took every snowball flavor (I’m learning my Baltimore lingo) and sprayed it all over his head. He just told the other guy not to touch his hair.