Aaron 8:06   BREAKING NEWS: California Chrome did not win the Triple Crown.


Cody 8:07  Thanks for the update, “Breaking News Dodson.”


Trevor 8:07  Breaking Bones Dodson. Nobody makes that kid bleed his own blood.


Cody 8:08   Back to the action here, Lashley was really putting a beating on Joe, but just now, Samoa Joe put Lashley in a tightly-held tilt/lock and forced Lashley to tap out. Holy cow.


Aaron 8:09  Samoa Joe for President. U-S-A. U-S-A. Sa-Mo-A. Sa-Mo-A. Dodson out.


Cody 8:09  Drake’s new remix for “Draft Day” should start like this: Draft Day, Samoa Joe


Trevor 8:10  Samoa! Samoa! Samoa! Stole the show-a.


Cody 8:11 Can you imagine if Doc Emrick called one of these things? It’d be AWESOME.


Trevor 8:14  That’s all folks. Goodnight from Aberdeen.